Tricycles for Every Kid!

Here at we have our own unique philosophy on the stages of cycling. We have a three-stage development stage concept we have found to work very well. Please understand this is only our opinion, and it really should be up to your child's ability and comfort level. Your child will most likely let you know one way or another when they want to move to the next step. Encouragement is key; never pressure a child. If properly taught, biking can be a skill to be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Stage 1: Push Trikes & Ride On's (1 - 3 years old)

Stage 1 gets your little one learning basic coordination and the concept of riding on a stable vehicle. For this stage, we recommend Push Trikes and Ride On's, that are pushed or walked with the child's feet. We believe steering should also be taught at this age, so many of our push trikes steer, unlike a lot of uni-directional models on the market. The ability to steer also allows child to build confidence in maneuvering and to feel the freedom that will come later with a tricycle. Some Push Trikes and Ride On's have a traditional look and feel, like the Radio Flyer Classic Tiny Trike, while others like the Svan Scooter have a more unique design style. We have tested all of our Push Trikes and Ride On's and believe all of the models we carry are effective for teaching a child how to develop Stage 1 and move on to Stage 2.

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Stage 2: Tricycles (2 - 4 years old)

Stage 2 teaches pedal coordination and improved steering skills. Mastering leg coordination and building leg muscles will prepare your child for pedaling a bike. At this stage, your child really gets a sense of freedom as they travel further and longer with less effort. This is when children really get excited about pedaling around and begin to dream of one day getting on a "big kids bike." Children then learn boundaries; not to stray too far from parents. Children also learn that tumbles sometimes happen, which is why we always recommend helmets. Even if your child never takes a spill on their tricycle, wearing a helmet at this stage gets your child used to wearing one and establishes the habit as they get older. In fact, sometimes they'll even start reminding you to wear yours! We have many styles of tricycles to choose from. You'll find everything from high-quality classics like the Roadmaster to the more modern feature-packed Kettler Kettrikes. Shop tricycles now.

Stage 3: Run Bikes (2 1/2 - 5 years old)

Stage 3 is where we at really break from tradition; we think training wheels can be very frustrating for children because it is too difficult to learn how to balance with them. So our 3rd stage is the Run Bike category.

Balance Bikes teach balance, steering and safe speed control. Here balance is key; a child runs on a pedal-less bike and picks up their feet occasionally as they begin to learn what it feels like to balance. They can always touch the ground, so it's much more stable and less fearful to learn because of a lower risk of falls. You'll be surprised how quickly your child will pick up how to balance. And sooner than you think, your little one will have developed his or her motor skills and gained a feeling of self-mastery. So, although it may be more expensive than training wheels, the ease of learning this skill and the confidence it will bring your child, more than makes up for the cost. As a parent, you'll be amazed how fast your child progresses and starts asking for a bike. Skip the training wheels, let your child ride a Run Bike and before you know it your little one will be ready to graduate to a "big kid" bicycle.

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Roadmaster Duo Deck 10-Inch Trike

Roadmaster Duo Deck 10-Inch Trike
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The Roadmaster 10 Duo Deckis a classically styled tricycle, similar to a Radio Flyer Classic.

This Roadmaster trike is built on a durable, powder coated steel frame that will stand up to generations of use and abuse at the hands of busy boys and girls. The Duo Decks make this tricycle ideal for children of different ages to get behind and push with ease.

The Roadmaster 10 Duo Deck has a 10″ front wheel, two smaller rear wheels, plastic pedals, and a single fender. The seat and handlebar are adjustable so your child can sit and ride comfortably.